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Why The “Crying Girl” Makeup Trend Is Taking Over TikTok

TikTok makeup trends have the weirdest names, don’t they? They covered everything: “I’m cold”, “sleepy eyes”, “sunburnt blush”, or the “passport makeup”. But the newest, and possibly weirdest TikTok beauty look is called the “crying girl” makeup look.

Gen Z isn’t afraid to show their emotions, we all know that. But now they have taken it a step further. This new makeup trend is using elements of how your face naturally looks after you’ve been bawling your eyes out for hours. 

Unsurprisingly, the main focus of this look is on the cheeks. It’s all about looking naturally flushed. But it’s not just heavy blush that is needed to achieve this look. So let’s see what the look is all about.

Sad girl makeup

Remember your teenage years when you would hide in your room crying hoping that no one is going to walk in? Well, teenagers in 2023 have it much easier. Because being a sad girl couldn’t be more on-trend. So while the “crying girl” makeup look is making its rounds around social media platforms, it isn’t as unwearable as it may sound at first. 

There are two ways to achieve this look. The first one includes a few glasses of wine and the Taylor Swift album of your choice. Trust me, you will be a “crying girl” in no time at all. Especially if you listen to the 10-minute version of “All Too Well” on repeat. 

If you, however, want to get this look with the help of makeup, I have some tips for you as well. The things you will need are a skin tint, a liquid highlighter, a bright pink blush, and clear lipgloss. Or as I like to call it — the Gen Z makeup starter kit. 

How to get the Sad Girl makeup look

Start with your usual base makeup. That includes the skin tint/bb cream/lightweight foundation of your choice. You can also add cream contour, powder, and blush.

When it comes to the blush, remember one rule — more is more! You want to apply it all over your cheeks, and also put a fair amount of it on your nose. Then, grab a fluffy eyeshadow brush and apply the same blush to your eyelids as well. You want to be generous with it, and you want your eyelids to appear visibly pink. Remember, the whole idea is to look like you have been crying. 

Now, onto the fun part. Apply your liquid highlighter to the highest points of your face, but also add a small amount to the inner part of your eyelids. Then, apply a smaller amount to the tip of your nose, inner eye corners, and above your lip. You can even apply a small drop of your highlighter slightly below your tear duct, to make it seem like a tear rolling down your face. 

Now, the optional part of the look. This is where clear lipgloss comes into use. Besides using it on their lips, a few TikTok users have also used lipgloss to create fake tears under their eyes. Just apply a smaller amount underneath your eyes and blend it around your under eyes with the help of your finger.

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