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The 5 Most Interesting Airbnbs in the US 

Airbnbs are becoming popular accommodations for various reasons. For one, you can save money while avoiding the typical ambiance of a hotel room. Plus, many of these establishments have unique features and fascinating architecture that would surely make your trip memorable. So, here are some of the most interesting Airbnbs in the US. 

WWII Train Car (Maryville, Tennessee)

The WWII Train Car is a good choice for those who love history because its decor will bring you back in time. Despite being old, the train car was renovated to make it more appealing to travelers wanting a unique experience. As such, you will see modern pieces of furniture inside the building. Aside from that, this Airbnb offers many amenities, including a clawfoot tub, gazebo, and outdoor fire pit. 

Source: Airbnb

The Houdini Estate (Los Angeles, California) 

The Houdini Estate is one of the most interesting Airbnbs in the US. One reason is due to its beautiful exterior. Aside from that, the estate is filled with interesting features, such as terraced gardens, hidden tunnels, and caves. Plus, you can also use the Jacuzzi and heated pool in the vicinity. The best part is that you can explore the hiking trails if you’re yearning for an adventure. There, you can see picturesque views of the ocean. 

Source: Airbnb

Pocono Castle (East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania) 

Many people travel to Europe to explore numerous castles. However, you don’t have to travel thousands of miles to see a castle. To be specific, Pocono Castle can give you the experience to remember. In fact, this castle offers outdoor activities for all ages. You can play at the mini-golf course, badminton court, and large chess board in the area. Additionally, there are also fun games inside the castle, like air hockey and a casino table. The best part is that it also offers a hot tub and cedar sauna, so you can relax after playing various games. 

Source: Airbnb

The Kellogg Doolittle House (Joshua Tree, California) 

The Kellogg Doolittle House is one of the most interesting Airbnbs in the US. After all, it is named “one of the most exclusive homes in the world.” One reason is due to its marvelous architecture. Plus, the surrounding landscape is awe-inspiring. As such, you will surely have a great time in this secluded place, especially if you’re yearning for peace and tranquility. 

Source: Airbnb

Man Cave Apartment (Geneva, Florida) 

Of course, this list will not be complete without mentioning the Man Cave Apartment. One reason is due to its eclectic yet beautiful interior decoration. To be specific, the house features a fun ambiance that is a perfect accommodation for a group of friends. 

Source: Airbnb

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