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The Best Breathing Techniques to Help You Relax

Stress will always be a part of your life. As such, you have to learn some methods to cope with stressful situations. The good news is that numerous relaxing activities are available. For instance, you can learn various breathing techniques to calm yourself. Most of these exercises are simple yet effective. Plus, they are reliable when you need to relax immediately because they only require minimal time. So, what are the best breathing techniques to help you relax? 

Belly Breathing 

Belly breathing, also known as diaphragmatic or abdominal breathing, is an excellent exercise to relax your body in mind. Typically, this exercise can last up to 20 or 30 minutes to reduce anxiety and stress. However, you can also do it for five minutes, depending on your free time. 

You can start this exercise by finding a quiet space where you can lie down or sit. If you’re lying down, you can also put a pillow at the back of your head for more comfort. 

Afterward, place a hand over your chest and the other hand over your belly (below your ribcage). Then, let your stomach relax. From there, slowly breathe in through your nose. The air should enter your nose, going downward. You will feel your belly rise and fall inward towards your spine. Finally, slowly exhale through your mouth and repeat the process until you feel your body relaxes. The hand over your chest should remain still during the exercise. 

4-7-8 Breathing 

The 4-7-8 breathing is one of the best breathing techniques to help you relax. In fact, this exercise can act as a “natural tranquilizer.” Aside from that, it can also help you manage food cravings and emotional responses. 

You can do this breathing technique by sitting with your back straight. Once you’re familiar with the exercise, you can do it while lying down. 

To start this breathing exercise, place your tongue (tip) at the ridge of your mouth (behind the upper front teeth). Your tongue should maintain this position throughout the exercise. Afterward, exhale via your mouth, producing a “whoosh” sound” and close your mouth. Then, inhale through your nose, counting silently up to four. From there, hold your breath for up to seven counts. Finally, exhale via your mouth, creating a “whoosh” sound for eight counts. You can repeat the process until you feel your body and mind relax. 


A Few Things to Remember

Overall, these are some of the best breathing techniques to help you relax. Keep in mind that you don’t have to do the exercise for a long period. You can start with five minutes per session. Aside from that, you should consult your doctor before doing any breathing techniques or exercises, especially if you have asthma or any lung problem. If you still feel anxious after practicing these exercises, you should consult a professional to help improve your mental health. Other than that, these breathing techniques are great activities you can do to cope with stressful situations at home or work. 

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