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The One Beauty Secret That Irina Shayk Swears By Completley Transformed My Skin

Have you ever wondered how Irina Shayk looks as amazing as she does, even now when she is pushing 40? Let’s ignore the fact that this woman hit the genetic jackpot because there is one beauty secret that she swears by that does have a great impact on the overall appearance of her skin. And that secret is ice! 

The traditional ice cube method instantly tightens the skin, wakes you up, and also feels pleasantly refreshing. And Shayk isn’t the only celebrity who swears by it. Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss have also admitted in interviews that they love to use this trick, especially after waking up puffy from a night out. The TikTok community has taken notice as well, and users all over the platform have shared their results too. 

How does it work? 

It’s actually pretty simple. This at-home variation of professional cryotherapy constricts blood vessels, increases circulation, and drains out the excess fluid that can cause puffiness around the jawline and eyes. It can help you look more rested after a sleepless night, and because it increases circulation, it can also make your skin appear more radiant and flushed. 

However, using a standard ice cube can get pretty messy. The ice will start to melt, your clothes may get wet, and who wants to deal with that in the morning? While Irina uses a fancy ice roller, you don’t have to splurge as much to get a similar effect. 

If you don’t want to use an actual ice cube

The easiest and most cost-effective way is to simply put a spoon in the freezer and massage your face with it after it gets cold. However, if you want to feel a bit fancier than that, you can also use a jade roller or a gua-sha. What’s most important is that the item you use is ice cold, so that it constricts the blood vessels in your skin and gives you the desired benefits. 

If you have it in your budget, and you love to try out different beauty tools, then definitely consider investing in an ice roller. While this won’t be a necessary step in anyone’s beauty routine, it’s just a nice thing to have, especially to wake your skin up in the morning. You have plenty of them available on Amazon, and to be honest, they all pretty much work in the same way. 

My experience 

After reading so much about “face icing,” I had to try it out myself. I usually wake up very puffy, not because I go out, but because I sleep on my stomach. So, all of my lymphatic fluid just moves into my face. I tried cooling gel moisturizers, but they never gave me any visible results. So, I decided to just go with it and buy one of those ice rollers from Amazon. I placed my roller in the fridge the night before, and in the morning I started massaging my face with it. And yes, the results weren’t lacking. Besides depuffing, the ice also gave my face an instant flush, and my skin felt so much tighter. So, if you ask me, this beauty trend is worth the hype.